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    Hartzen 289

    Post by Sabbath on Wed May 06, 2015 1:33 am

    I doubt anyone visits this site anymore, and this is more for my record only. But if people do I might as well show what I'm doing.

    I'm currently working on a 289 revision server, though I have added in newer items, to work with what I want.

    The revision is a much older version of RS but I feel like I want to create something... different.. Meaning I'm turning this server into one big giant quest.

    You will start off on Entrana and talk to King Arthur who will give you details of whats happening.

    The dungeon will essentially consist of the Underground pass and whatever else I feel could fit the theme. You progress deeper in this giant dungeon as the creatures get stronger (With better loot!) And also the deeper you go, the more dangerous it will be. Players can attack each other as you progress to a certain point if they so please. Skilling will also be a very big part of the game. You'll need to level these to be efficient (Or find someone who skills and request their assistance.) As the only way to get better equipment is by smithing, fletching, crafting, or getting deep enough in the dungeon and getting the equipment as drops.

    Leveling will be slow, but hopefully rewarding in the players eyes. The prime downfall I felt with all my servers before, is there was really nothing to do besides kill the next thing for the better equipment.

    This time I want to try and focus on quests, mini quests, minigames, little distractions here and there... Whatever will help keep the player engaged so they don't feel like it's just a boring grind for loot.

    As I make more progress I'll definitely post it here for whoever vists to read and leave comments.

    The first floor currently consists of Ghosts, Skeletons, Hobgoblins and the boss Slagilith. In order to reach lower floors you must kill the floor boss at least once.

    To Do
    Get the quest started
    Fill the first floor with appropriate creatures
    Make Entrana the skilling hub/Home
    Give starter NPC's for skilling/starter gear on Entrana
    Add drops to NPC's
    Clue scrolls
    Anything else I think of to put here

    My Skype username is SusanooEyes if you need to reach me.

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