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    July Patch Notes


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    July Patch Notes

    Post by Sabbath on Sun Jul 27, 2014 9:18 pm


    • Changed the yell chat to show [Yell] before your name to help specify yell.
    • The archery shop has been adjusted.
    • Added a message notifying players that the Fishing Trawler currently does not give item rewards.
    • Lowered Magic XP gains for Enchanting bolts. (Previously it gave obscene amounts of experience.)
    • The King Black Dragon and the Chaos Elemental are now aggressive.
    • The Herblore skill guide has been changed to show the required ingredient rather than the finished potion.
    • The L90 weapons requirements have been changed and shown in the Attack/Strength skill guide.
    • Crawling Hand, Cockatrice, Basilisk, Kurask, Abyssal Demon, King Black Dragon and Kalphite Queen has had their drop tables tweaked slightly and their corresponding trophy heads have been added to the drop table as well for a future update.


    • Karil's Ranged attack bonus has been raised slightly.
    • The Combat skill guides have been updated with more accurate information.
    • The 3rd Age equipment has been changed to level 80 equipment and their stats have been buffed.
    • The 3rd Age Amulet has had it's stats buffed.
    • The Robin hood hat and Ranger boots now have a Ranged requirement of 40.


    • Cook's Assistant can now be finished.
    • Cows now have a common chance of dropping a Bucket of Milk.
    • Chickens have a common chance of dropping an egg.
    • The General Store's stock has been tweaked.
    • You can now buy a Pot of flour in the General store.
    • The Newcomers Map now provides you with basic information.
    • The Giant Roc's drop table has been improved.
    • The Gates to the Cow field and Chicken area have been removed.
    • The two doors inside the Lumbridge Castle leading to the kitchen have been removed.
    • The Run Energy Restore method has been tweaked. It's now faster. And having high agility levels will make it even faster.


    • A new quest has been added called "Blue Vein"
    • Prices for Unnoted and Noted ore has been increased slightly.
    • Thieving loot has been adjusted.


    • Jad's attack emotes have been fixed.
    • The Amulet of Glory's charges has been changed server sided from (1)-(4) to (one)-(four). The client sided name remains unchanged.
    • The door between the Lesser demons and Blue dragons in Taverly dungeon has been removed.
    • The Battlestaves and Mystic Battlestaves now no longer require their element rune.
    • When looting the Barrows chest and re-doing the minigame, it will no longer tell you that you need to kill the final brother.

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